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Our Goal

Working Together To Create Wealth

We Create Business

We concept new & innovative ideas, then create capital ventures our members can extract profits from in the marketplace.

We Raise Capital

We raise capital and provide each venture the financial support and ignition it needs to become profitable in the marketplace.

We Launch Ventures

We utilize dedicated manpower to launch and stabilize new ventures to become successful in the marketplace.

We Generate Wealth

We provide multiple opportunities for earning income that creates a path that ultimately leads to wealth in the marketplace.

Move EVERY STEP with US!

Project to Project | Venture to Venture


Membership has its Privileges | Pro Members Receive:

We have Business to do & YOU HAVE MONEY TO EARN!

If you are Ambitious & Money-Motivated we want you to Join Our Team


Average Equitable Yield


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Upcoming Ventures

Launch Business Opportunities and Money Making Ventures.
And enjoy your chance to profit from and be apart of something BIG…

Here are few of the Profitable Industries we explore!

Earn Income from the beginning, as We Build Business from the Ground Up

As we explore new business opportunities, you will have your own opportunity to earn a huge fortune by helping us establish structure for each venture. Our Pros play a pivotal role in helping us establish clientele, corporate identity, image, reputation, and company brand long before our clients or competition have a chance to.

Earn Income and Expand your Net Worth while you sleep investing in Capital Ventures

As we look to launch new enterprises, you will have an opportunity to earn huge dividends and returns on investment by investing working capital as forms of financial support in specific areas of business that will help ignite our companies against its competitors; faster establishing our credibility, sustainability, and profitability in its respected market places.

We Build the Real Estate | You Build the Wealth

Real estate investing is a popular domain where we generate huge profits on calculated purchases and favorable selling scenarios. As a Pro Member, you will have an opportunity to join in and capitalize on lucrative real estate projects without having to experience the tolling risk of buying, selling, or having to lease and carry property.

Profit from a Friday Night for a Change

Your membership in 300 Pros gives you an ability to strengthen the variety of your investment portfolio and have it explode in growth with our Entertainment Investments. You will experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in and earn income from the creation, development, and production of some of the best new TV Shows, Movies, Concerts, and Stage Productions.

Create Products | Create Wealth

An easy way for generating income with 300 Pros is to invest a small amount of investment capital into the product development, manufacturing, and distribution of new products that we create from concept to completion, which we market and sell directly to our customers for maximized profits and returns on investment for our members.

You just might Finance the next Facebook

You will have an opportunity to invest seed funding in pet technology projects that have the potential for expediential and unlimited growth.  We financially back and support Scientist and Inventors in the technology sector helping fund their project’s progression and in return receive massive trade-offs in equity for our support.

Create the Customer | Create Your Wealth

You will have an opportunity to earn unlimited income by helping us target, market, and sell to our customers. You will be a part of an elite sales force that utilizes new media to identify, connect with, and expand or customer base through advanced sales and marketing strategies that we dispatch.

Build Your Team | Build Your Wealth

A main component in how fast you create wealth for yourself will directly be impacted by how many people you have on your direct team and in your 300 Pros Network. You will have an opportunity to begin earning multiple recurring residuals that can easily amount to six figures on a monthly basis just in the sheer amount of business opportunities you will be afforded at the ground level.

Expand Your Network | Expand Your Net Worth

In Venture Marketing we earn income by a creed that embodies “the more people you know, the further your income will grow.” Your membership with 300 Pros is going to put you in an environment to network with real innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs, and give you an opportunity to take financial advantage to earn income that you never imagined.

Earn Unlimited Income and Join Us Launching

The Next Big Thing