300 Pros is a Venture-Capitalist Collective that specializes in launching New Business and Capital Ventures into the marketplace.

We concept innovative ideas and create businesses around it for the purpose of generating income and long-term residuals for our partners/members.

We are currently in the process of forming corporate partnerships and building nationwide teams to launch 25+ new ventures into the marketplace.

If you have had dreams of starting your own business or working in a lucrative career that would afford you the financial freedom and luxurious lifestyle you always wanted to live, now is your chance to fast-track that income by taking advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity to profit from Capital Ventures at ground level.

Foundational Benefits
Unlimited Income Rapid Advancement Ownership Shares Founders Compensation Package

At 300 Pros, we are actively seeking entrepreneurial-minded individuals, both men and women, to collaborate with us in executing launch strategies for capital ventures and enterprises across the country. As we lay the foundation for our initial operations and create business teams to form the organizational framework in various states and territories, we’re on the lookout for individuals who can adapt to our evolving business missions and profit objectives.

We require individuals willing to navigate through various ventures with us, adjusting to changing goals and objectives. Each endeavor will demand self-starting and dedicated participants to oversee its different components. Through our collective efforts, we are committed to achieving profitable outcomes for all involved.

We welcome individuals driven by financial success to become part of our Venture Capitalist Collective, where you can engage at three distinct levels: Territory Manager, Investor, or Recruiter. Each tier offers exclusive income prospects, featuring payment structures and returns that flex according to your preferences in territories, organizations, and ventures.

Business Opportunity
Regional Managers Recruiters Partners Investors Investors Needed!

Depending on individual time commitments, availability, and financial aspirations, every member will receive accreditation and be paired with a Business Launch Team, as well as a designated target territory. These Launch Teams bear the responsibility of bringing to life the entrepreneurial visions of each venture. They will be entrusted with implementing a series of initiatives, ensuring we build, execute, and operate all ideas, concepts, strategies, and objectives from the ground up in rapid succession.

300 Pros relies on the ambition, professionalism, discipline, commitment and resolve of its members to succeed. Every organizational venture is an opportunity for members to financially prosper and pivot into new ventures that multiply their earnings. Each member is expected to invest or add sweat equity to their selected venture from ground zero, placing them at the forefront of returns as shareholders with big profits from market success.

Our upcoming ventures are uniquely and meticulously structured to offer profit potential to Territory Managers, Investors, and Recruiters nationwide. Below, we provide a glimpse of some of the ventures on the verge of turnkey operation and launch. Don’t miss the next market breakthrough with 300 Pros.

If you are ambitious and ready for the entrepreneurial ride of your lifetime, now is the perfect time to multiply your income, and experience rapid advancement within our organization. We are currently offering lucrative compensation packages to all individuals who join 300 Pros during our initial phase.  If you are dedicated, money-motivated, and a collaborative team player, greatly empower your chances for success by contacting us today, request a Virtual Meeting to get started!